Survey gives you full access to one of the most comprehensive catalogues of valid and reliable questions. Valid and reliable questions help ensure the accuracy and consistency of your results, so that you’re working on goals that matter.

Discover your data in new ways

Do ‘full time’ employees feel part of the team? Do ‘Gen X’ feel part of the team? Do ‘women’ feel part of the team? Do ‘full time’ ‘Gen X’ ‘women’ feel part of the team? Our filter feature allows you to be as simplistic or complex as your query demands. The answers to your specific questions are just a few clicks away. Saving you costly time and effort from running multiple reports.

Review Assist

You have workplace evangelists. They are passionate about the environment you’ve created and are willing to share their employee experience with others. We make it easy for them to share.

Presentation Worthy Graphs

Use our beautifully designed graphs to help you make decks that are sure to impress your leadership team. Our graphs draw your audience in so your ideas can be heard.


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