Ready for your wake up call?

Tomorrow morning your best salesperson will quit - to join your biggest competitor

If you used Culture Booster, you could have measured engagement levels and addressed the issue before it became your worst nightmare.


It takes more than a survey platform to retain top talent.

Culture Booster is here to super size your employee engagement by addressing employee turnover, costly new hire expenses, and new hire tenure.

Employee engagement doesn’t just happen

And you’re not going to get there with an annual survey. Culture Booster is different. We poll your team, gather the pulse of your organization and provide you with an actionable coaching plan to drive outcomes.

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Customizable Surveys

How far will the right answers to the wrong questions get you? Our survey questions and selection process will be developed with your own expert psychologist. 

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Real-Time Results

Gone are the days when results take weeks and sometimes months to funnel back to your organization. Our technology allows users to receive feedback in real time, allowing you to react to trends and insights before it’s too late. 

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Splice-able Reporting

Want to know how specific genders scored certain questions? You got it. How about comparing results generationally? You got it. Culture Booster allows you to look at your data from a demographic lens.

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Action Planning

After the survey is complete is when Culture Booster is just getting started. Our team of consultants works with your company to develop practical and tactical strategies to change the score in your organization.


Who Uses Culture Booster?


Executives/ CEO

You lead to get valuable results. What you need is a tool that’s easy to understand and gives you the information you need when you need it most.

Human Resources

You knows there’s a positive correlation between low turnover and financial performance - and you’ll do everything in your power to keep your current team and future recruits engaged.

General Manager

You can’t afford to lose top talent and you need to build a winning team. You’re tired of losing people to competitors but you’re swamped with work. You need a solution that gets to the heart of the problem

It’s all in the details

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User views based on role

Differentiated logins allows users to see only the results that they are responsible for. With focus on key areas, leader can harness their efforts around diminishing performance gaps instead of comparing their results to others. 

Comprehensive Question Library

Rather than a one-size fits all approach, through guided discovery we will develop a series of questions that aimed to discover opportunity in your organization. In tandem with your very own psychologist pick and choose the questions that are both valid and reliable - or write your own.

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Power of Reporting Simplicity

Our interface cuts through the clutter and complexity of your results and provides a reporting experience that’s intuitive and easy to utilize.  Accessing the information you need is effortless.

Thoughtful Details

We’ve developed an approach that streamlines the process for all employees to have their voice heard. We provide a downloadable report within that app that lists unique URLS for individuals without email addresses.  


Organizational change takes time, but Culture Booster is here to be your friend and guide on the path to higher engagement and happy teams.

Are you ready to transform?