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Culture Booster combines six amazing tools into one remarkably easy to use platform. From surveys, goals and tasks, to one-on-ones, Culture Booster will help you create a positive work culture that drives results.

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You're the pilot. The expert of your organization. We are your co-pilots. Your neutral fact-finders. We help you successfully navigate everything from onboarding our tools into your organization to identifying and addressing employee journey gaps. Together, we can help your organization reach new heights.

About Us  
The four pillars that make our approach successful

Culture Booster makes it easier than ever to share feedback, make goals, improve performance, and capture innovation.

Share Feedback

Helping your managers share effective feedback

Giving and receiving feedback is important to your team’s growth and development. Our Summary and Stars features help you easily provide coaching, appreciation and evaluation feedback.

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Make Goals

Reach your full potential

The Strategy feature makes it simple to create goals you want to achieve. It keeps you connected to what everyone is working on. If someone is stuck, they can identify the best person to assist and make a direct ask for help.

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Improve Performance

Take the guesswork out of performance measurement

Scorecard helps you keep track of your most important performance information. It works to focus your team on their missteps so you can remedy them and meet your goals.

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Capture Innovation

Share ideas when inspiration strikes

Suggestions enables you to democratize the process for ideas to be put into effect. Just submit an idea and your teammates can upvote it if they like. If the idea gets enough support, it’s one step closer to implementation.

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