Your employees have ideas and want to share them. Now you have a centralized place for ideas and opinions to be heard, processed and refined. Suggestions empowers your team to easily contribute their opinions whenever inspiration strikes.

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Ideas Democratized

With Suggestions one person is no longer the gate keeper of idea implementation. Everyone has the ability to vote for ideas they like. If an idea passes the minimum vote threshold your Culture Committee either approves it or provides a detailed explanation as to why they don’t think it’s a good idea at this time.

You Said, We Did

Keeping a record of ideas that you’ve implemented builds trust with your team. The You Said, We Did section puts all of your ideas that you’ve acted on into one single, dedicated place.

Real Empowerment

Nothing boosts credibility and communication more than real empowerment. Suggestions gives your team the ability to make meaningful contributions to your organization. Your team will feel more connected and valued.


One Platform – Many Solutions