Surveys by Culture Booster makes it easier than ever for you to gather, visualize, and confidentially analyze employee experience feedback. You can aggregate your employee experience data across multiple locations and disaggregate across a myriad of cohort groups to move your organization from insight to action.

Ask the right questions

Surveys by Culture Booster gives you full access to one of the most comprehensive catalogs of valid and reliable questions for each of Survey types (onboarding, training, employee engagement and exit). Valid and reliable questions help ensure the accuracy and consistency of your results so that you’re working on goals that matter.

At the right times.

Culture Booster's Survey types follow the Employee Lifecycle.

Discover your data in new ways

Our Advanced Filtering feature allows you to be as simplistic or complex as your query demands. The answers to your specific questions are just a few clicks away. Saving you costly time and effort from running multiple reports.

Global Access

Working arm in arm to transform culture is at the heart of our approach. Providing everyone with access to Culture Booster promotes transparency, efficiency, and trust.


One Platform – Many Solutions