Co-Pilots: All the support you need to successfully boost culture.

Culture Booster Co-pilots journey alongside you as you embark on your employee experience improvement journey.

You’ve done the heavy lifting. You won the hearts and minds of all your stakeholders, and they’ve given you the okay to purchase employee experience software. Woohoo!

In a perfect world, after you’ve signed the contract and sent payment, all the ins and outs of successfully adopting your new technology and leveraging data-driven insights would just magically happen.  

In reality, onboarding new technology is complex, and typically you’re given implementation resources and left to your own devices to gather insights from your data.

With Culture Booster, you don’t have to go it alone. You get a Culture Booster Co-pilot to journey alongside you to support and provide you value through communication, onboarding, analysis, scheduling, and training.  

What is a Co-Pilot?

Culture Booster Co-Pilots are world-class coaches, chosen for their empathetic approach as well as their expertise. Co-pilots are neutral fact finders, giving you insights that will help formulate the right hypothesis and pull the correct levers to positively impact your employee experiences. Co-pilots are also top-flight project managers. Your Co-pilot is ultimately there to help you coast (Communicate, Onboard, Analyze, Schedule, and Train) with ease.


Effective communication is the key to working with a variety of stakeholders. Beginning with establishing goals and objectives for the partnership, your Co-pilot helps clearly define what success looks like. Your Co-pilot also learns what information each stakeholder needs (Quarterly recaps, progress reports, organization-wide updates, etc.) and delivers it to you. Saving you time and energy, and allowing you to focus on other important tasks.


Successfully implementing new software requires more than an email announcement. Your Co-pilot will help you identify all the resources needed, starting with ensuring you’re assembling the right team. This includes but is not limited to: securing an executive sponsor, project leads, technical leads, and assembling cross-organizational work groups.

Your Co-pilot will provide you with a roadmap to visualize adoption strategy options. You’ll work collaboratively to select the best strategy for your organization: phased-in, all-in, or a hybrid approach.


Two pairs of eyes are better than one. Data analysis is equal parts art and science. Your Co-pilot will help you streamline the process of problem identification and help you gather the right actionable insights to inform your strategy so that you can create the biggest organizational impact.


Although seemingly mundane, getting scheduling right is foundational to the success of your new technology. Proper management of the tasks, dependencies, and deadlines associated with implementation will ensure that everyone is on the same page. Having a schedule will also allow you to prioritize the most important tasks.  


One of the most important but overlooked parts of the successful adoption of your new technology is training. Encouraging your team members to behave differently and adopt new practices without teaching them new skills is a setup for failure. Adults do not learn by merely listening. Each of our Co-pilot guided trainings allow for time to absorb the new information we provide, experiment with the learnings, and integrate it with their existing knowledge.

Key Takeaways

You’re the pilot and expert of your organization. You drive the ship. No one knows your organization better than you.

We are your Co-pilots, experts in improving employee experiences. We journey alongside you. Helping you successfully navigate the challenges of identifying and addressing employee journey gaps.

Together, we can help your organization reach new heights.