Top 15 Best Employee Engagement Software for 2022

Here we describe what Employee Engagement Software is, the benefits, and features then provide a list of EES companies.

What is Employee Engagement Software?

Employee engagement is critical to the success of any business. Low employee engagement can decrease productivity, increase staff turnover, and seriously affect growth and innovation. Employee engagement software — also known as workforce engagement software — is created with the specific aim of assisting businesses in improving corporate performance and culture by measuring and increasing engagement.

Employee engagement software is used to capture actionable insights from employee comments. HR departments most often use these apps as a supplementary tool or in place of conventional performance reviews. Employee engagement apps simplify acquiring and analyzing feedback from employees, providing organizations with the ability to improve all team members' relationships with their jobs, company, and values.

Employee engagement platforms may be used as part of an overall human resources management system. However, they are also used as a stand-alone application or incorporated into a complete performance management solution that links employee engagement, performance management, and development.

Employee engagement tools also solicit employee feedback through surveys. Data is collected through questionnaires completed by employees. These are concise surveys delivered to staff with a curated list of questions intended to properly assess employee engagement and the employee experience.

With these tools at your direction, you'll be able to make strategic decisions about engaging each member of your team and improving the overall culture within your professional community.

Benefits of Employee Engagement Software

Whether you're interested in comprehensive solutions or basic HR tools, there are numerous ways that engagement platforms can help businesses improve performance by engaging staff at all levels.

For leaders of an organization, employee engagement software can help:

- Create an extraordinary corporate culture. Understand and develop skills to establish a company that engages its employees and enhances their experience.

- Evaluate programs. Examine efforts to improve company culture, see if they're working then cut out any ineffective initiatives.

- Make informed judgments. A centralized employee engagement platform gives you greater insight, provides instant access to data, and improves communication among your staff, allowing you to make better workforce management decisions.

- Create objectives and prioritize initiatives. You'll know where to concentrate your efforts to get the most return on your investment if you receive direct, honest feedback from employees.

- Reduce employee turnover. You create a workplace that keeps top talent when you act on employee suggestions.

Here’s how managers benefit from employee engagement apps:

- They see increased productivity. Team members who believe they are valued work at a higher level and are more dedicated to their tasks, team, and company.

- Increased visibility means managers can detect roadblocks and obstacles blocking progress then get the support they need to develop a solution.

- Save time and effort. Employee engagement platforms cut down on time it takes to generate feedback on critical issues and streamline their operations.

- As a manager, the best thing you can as a leader do is gather honest feedback on your own management approach and skills from your staff members and make necessary adjustments.

Employees stay connected and engaged, Here’s why:

- To keep your employees on board, you must recognize and appreciate them. When you act on their feedback, they feel acknowledged and valued, which helps to promote employee happiness and morale.

- Employee engagement software gives team members a way to communicate their difficulties without feeling intimidated.

- Connect them—even if they're far away. Having a means to communicate valuable feedback serves as a powerful booster for remote workers who may feel isolated and overlooked.

5 Key Features of Employee Engagement Platforms

The most effective employee engagement initiatives create solutions for employers wanting to collect feedback from their employees, analyze employee survey data, and set goals for increasing employee engagement.

Here are the key features of employee engagement software that make that possible:

Engagement Surveys

Surveys tools provide you full access to an extensive database of logical, science-backed questions. Valid and reliable questions help ensure the validity and consistency of your findings, allowing you to focus on goals that matter.

Surveys are an essential instrument for evaluating and increasing employee engagement. How can anything be improved if employees aren't asked to give positive or constructive comments? The existing situation will remain the same, and issues will persist.

Dashboard Scorecard

Software should include tools to help you measure employee engagement levels across all areas of your business, such as overall engagement, engagement by department or team, and engagement by job role.

A scorecard is the simplest approach to compare several aspects of your company's performance at once. With a well-designed dashboard, managers can combine their financial and operational data to construct a complete picture of their success.

Summary Tools and Analytics

Engagement software should include analytics that allows you to quickly understand what drives employee engagement and options for distinct segmentation. For example, you may find that employees in a particular department are disengaged due to a lack of career advancement opportunities, but that doesn’t reflect the entire team.

In another example, you may find that employees in a particular region have lower engagement scores because of cultural differences. By understanding the factors influencing employee engagement, you can create targeted interventions and solutions.

Strategy Recommendations

Excellent employee engagement platforms not only should provide insight into why employees are either engaged or disengaged, but they also need to offer support.

Companies utilizing engagement software platforms that integrate a team of specialists to assist management in analyzing data and planning solutions will quickly get results and develop the skills necessary to sustain an extraordinary corporate culture over time.

A Method of Sharing Recognition

It's essential to recognize the efforts of individuals or groups that have distinguished themselves in some way. With employee engagement, software managers and workers may applaud each other's contributions and contributions to the team. This type of encouragement is beneficial because it motivates people to achieve excellence and keep working together.

Top 15 Employee Engagement Software Apps

1. Culture Booster

Culture Booster is the employee engagement solution for modern HR departments looking to provide the finest possible employee experience. Finding problems is just the first step; we assist you in fixing what's wrong and improving what's already working.

Our objective is to provide businesses with empathic solutions to human resource pain points. What makes the Culture booster platform unique is our world-class team of co-pilots supporting your development every step of the way. The methods of Culture Booster are based on cutting-edge psychological research.

Culture Booster provides real-time analytics, unparalleled data segmentation, and science-backed surveys that give managers a 360-degree view of company performance. It's never been easier for administrators to combine their financial, operational, and employee engagement data to develop a complete path to success.

2. Bonusly

Bonusly Makes it easy and enjoyable for everyone to give kudos. This employee engagement app is a leading employee recognition and rewards system. The company's mission is to improve collaboration, productivity, and retention throughout businesses, by providing incentives. Bonusly offers seamless integrations, a built-in survey tool, and measures employee happiness and opinions.

3. Qarrot

Qarrot is a complete recognition software package for small and mid-sized businesses. This platform can assist you in achieving several objectives, from improving employee morale to reinforcing your corporate culture and increasing performance. Qarrot was created to suggest that smaller businesses (those with fewer than 1,000 employees) should have contemporary, easy-to-use, and inexpensive employee recognition software.

4. Motivosity

Motivosity is a firm dedicated to making employees happier at work. Motivosity is a cutting-edge employee engagement and recognition solution. With a 96% user engagement rate, the program provides remarkable outcomes by highlighting the outstanding efforts of an entire workforce. Motivosity enables recognition between peers and managers and provides actionable insights for company leadership.

5. 15Five

15Five is a performance management tool that helps organizations get more out of their team members. 15Five is a comprehensive solution that integrates software, training, and community to assist organizations in developing great managers and unlocking peak employee performance.

6. Blink

Blink was explicitly designed for front-line workers. One simple, straightforward program has it all. Blink gives staff one-click access to everything they need, from must-knows and safety updates to timetables. Blink combines all necessary tools into a single easy-to-use, secure portal, turning organizations into powerful communities with engaged, dedicated workers. Over 1000 companies have entrusted Blink with energizing their workforce.

7. Lattice

Lattice is a people management solution that aids people leaders in building productive, engaged teams. Employees are enthusiastic about Lattice's user-friendly experience, saving HR departments time and resources. Lattice's flexible architecture allows you to customize it as much or as little as you want and scales alongside your business.

8. Officevibe

Officevibe is a lightweight team development solution. It allows leaders to improve trust, collaboration, and team performance. Managers may use the app to keep track of their teams by distributing pulse surveys that collect open anonymous written comments from employees. Officevibe compiles comprehensive survey reports and provides tools for making improvements in addition to offering employees a secure environment to express their ideas and feedback.

9. Hirebook

Hirebook is a people-oriented software that helps organizations empower their employees through meetings, communication, goals, and activities. OKRs allow managers to connect with their employees, provide dedicated space for staff to discuss development and progress. Hirebook helps you set priorities and achieve your goals by providing a clear framework for employees.

10. Quantum Workplace

Quantum Workplace's suite of employee engagement and performance solutions helps businesses enhance their employees' productivity, collaboration, and motivation. Quantum Workplace is a leading corporate HR software provider, boasting one of the largest databases of employee engagement data in North America.

11. Qualtrics Employee Experience

Qualtrics Employee Experience is a platform for managing the four primary experiences of business—customer, product, employee, and brand—on one platform. Employee feedback can be a powerful tool. This platform allows you to gather, evaluate, and act on employee comments throughout the employee lifecycle at the right time for each person in the company.

12. MeetingPulse

MeetingPulse enables fun presentations, data collection and gives a voice to those who don't often speak up. You can create quizzes and raffles with just a few clicks. You may also conduct audience polling, Q&A surveys, quizzes, raffles —all anonymously. It's quick, simple to use, and no downloads are needed: it instantly opens in the browser on any mobile or desktop device, as well as integrating with your favorite conferencing solutions like Zoom, Teams, and Webe.

13. Sift

Sift is the simplest method to discover and contact coworkers. The straightforward people search, dynamic organizational charts, and detailed employee profiles allow you to collaborate with individuals across your organization on a wide range of topics.

14. Reflektive

Reflektive is a popular performance management software for accelerating company development by providing complete, real-time insight into employee and organizational behaviors. Reflektive lets businesses scale constructive, continuous discussions that boost employee engagement and output by 2X.

15. Cloverleaf

Cloverleaf exists to assist each team in achieving its full potential as a thriving group of passionate individuals about their work. Cloverleaf's platform gives data-driven insights to help every person in the organization improve relational and communication effectiveness, resulting in improved collaboration, productivity, and engagement. Cloverleaf links with communication platforms to offer additional services beyond the platform.

Key Takeaways

One of the most significant advantages of employee engagement software is how it improves team communication at work. It minimizes communication gaps, making it easier and more practical for managers and executives to communicate with employees and vice versa. In other words, it's intended to enhance company culture from the top-down and bottom-up by reducing:

• Turnover

• Safety Incidences

• Actively Disengaged

• Spillover Effect

• Shrinkage

• Absenteeism

• Burnout

Sounds familiar? We are here to help. Be sure to check our blog on these seven symptoms of bad company culture and how to improve them!