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To Maximize the functions of, and communications regarding, Culture Booster's platform, your internal IT department may need to edit Approve List Domains or users may need to adjust their cookies settings.

Domain Approved List

To ensure effective communication of platform alerts, password reset, and correspondence with Co-Pilots, Culture Booster domains might need to be approved listed by your internal IT department.

Culture Booster uses email as one of its primary methods of communication. Here are the domains and email addresses for your internal IT to Approve list so you can receive platform alerts, password resets and correspondence from us:

Culture Booster Domain:
Culture Booster Email Addresses

What to do if you are not receiving communications from Culture Booster.

  1. Check your SPAM/Junk folder. If you find an email from Culture Booster in your SPAM/Junk older, mark it as safe.
  2. If you have checked your SPAM/Junk folders, and still do not see any messaging, you will need to contact your IT department and request that they add Culture Booster's domains to your organization's safe-sender list; previously this was called “whitelisting" however "Approve list, Allow list, Permit list, Accept List" Are more appropriate terms. Approve listing marks a domain as friendly to your email servers.

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