Intro to Summary (1:1’s)

To get started

To get started with Summary 1:1’s, click the Summary icon on the left-hand side.

1. Schedule a 1:1

It takes just a few minutes to schedule a 1:1 meeting.

  1. Click the ‘Meeting Builder’ button.
  2. Select the person you’d like to meet with (either type their name in the input field or scroll through the list of names until you reach them).
  3. Select the date and time you’d like to meet at.
  4. If the meeting is recurring, click the ‘recurring’ slider. Then, choose the interval for which you’d like the meeting to recur (1 Day, 1 Week, 2 Weeks, 1 Month).
  5. Click the ‘Save’ button.

💡 A notification will go out to the person you'd like to meet with for them to confirm the meeting time and recurrence (if applicable).

2. Add to Calendar

  1. Click the ‘View’ button in Actions.
  2. Click the ‘Add to Calendar’ button.
  3. Select the Calendar service you’d like the meeting to be added to.
  4. Follow the instructions for the Calendar service provider.

3. Add agenda items

To add agenda items to your 1:1 begin by selecting a discussion topic. There are three topics to choose from: CARE, Custom, and Goal/Task.

Discussion Topics

CARE topic

CARE is an acronym that stands for coaching, appreciation, rapport, and evaluation. Each of the CARE topics comprises a list of guided discovery questions.

When you choose a CARE topic, Meeting Builder displays each of the CARE topic categories:

  • Coaching - Questions designed to help you course correct so that you can perform better.
  • Appreciation - Questions designed to prompt you to think about your team member’s hard work so that they feel valued.
  • Rapport - Questions designed to help you build deeper connections with your teammate.
  • Evaluation - Questions designed to help you inform your teammate how they are performing.

💡 Tip: We recommend that you select 1 question from each CARE topic in each 1:1 meeting.

Custom topic

Custom topics can be anything you’d like to discuss: policies, procedures, conflict resolution, strategy, corporate updates, reminders, uniforms, tardiness, tools, technology, email etiquette, co-worker challenges, holiday schedules, scheduling, smelly food…

Custom topic is the space to address all these things and more.


Goal/Task features all the goals and tasks that have been added to the Strategy section. Adding Goals and Tasks to your 1:1’s ensures that no action plan item falls through the cracks.

How to add Agenda items

  1. Select the topic type (CARE, Custom, or Goal/Task)
  2. If CARE is select
  3. Choose a CARE topic (Coaching, Appreciation, Rapport, Evaluation)
  4. Select a question you’d like to discuss
  5. If Goal/Task is chosen
  6. Choose a Goal or Task
  7. Select the Goal or Task you’d like to discuss
  8. If Custom is selected
  9. Type the topic you’d like to discuss.
  10. Click the ‘+’ button to save and add a new agenda item
  11. Once all your agenda items have been added, click the ‘Save’ button.

Add new goals and tasks

During your 1:1, ideas for new Goals or Tasks may emerge from the discussion. The ‘Create Goal’ and ‘Create Task’ buttons help you to add new Goals and Tasks to Strategy without having to leave the 1:1 Meeting.

How to add a Goal

  1. Click the ‘Create Goal’ button
  2. Complete the prompts in the ‘Add Goal’ modal.
  3. Click the ‘Submit’ button.

How to add a Task

  1. Click the ‘Create Task’ button
  2. Complete the prompts in the ‘Add Task’ modal.
  3. Click the ‘Submit’ button.

Take Notes

It’s easy to take notes during your meeting.

  • Beneath the Agenda item is a text field.
  • Click into the text field and enter your notes.
  • To save your notes, click the blue arrow.

Track your sentiment and stress levels

The Sentiment section of 1:1’s keeps track of your sentiment and stress.

  • Sentiment is how you feel about your organization
  • Stress is the level of stress you’ve experienced since the last 1:1.

The app keeps a record of your sentiment and stress levels. The Sentiment chart lets you see how your sentiment and stress levels adjust over time.

How to accept a 1:1

When someone sends you a Meeting request, the meeting will appear in the ‘Pending’ section.

  • To accept the 1:1, click the blue check in the Actions section.
  • The meeting will move from the ‘Pending’ section to the ‘Upcoming’ section.

How to conclude a 1:1

Concluding a meeting, stores and archives the 1:1 in our system.

  • Click the pink ‘Conclude’ button to archive the meeting.

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