Active an account that is accessible to the user.

Administrator a person who has administrative authority to Add, Edit and Delete in Organization, Surveys, Scorecards, and Suggestions. See also Executive.

API abbreviation for application programming interface

App an app (short for application) is a computer program that performs a specific task.

Autosave saves your changes automatically.

Breadcrumb Navigation  a sequence of text links showing the page's location within a hierarchy of content.

Browser an interface for displaying and navigating between web pages.

Button initiate an action when clicked, tapped, or pressed.

Cache is a high-speed memory that is used to store recently accessed data.

Calculated KPI is is a performance metric that is derived from the combination or manipulation of one or more underlying data points or metrics.

Click the act of selecting something or initiating an action by positioning the pointer over an onscreen element and briefly pressing and releasing the mouse.

Cookies small text files a website may copy to a user’s computer to record information about the user or the computer.

Co-Pilot a customer facing support position responsible for onboarding, trainings, and analysis.

Culture Committee a group of diverse people from different parts of the organization who meet regularly to help promote, address, and work on shaping the culture of the organization.

Dashboard home to Work Widgets.

Dark Mode a feature that allows users to switch the color scheme of a user interface from a light theme to a dark theme.

Desktop is the background area of the computer screen.

Disabled a user account that is turned off and not accessible.

Domain Prefix is used to help you access your organization's account within Culture Booster.

Down Arrow arrow that users click to decrease a value in a stepper.

Drawer a window that slides out from a parent window when the user clicks a button or chooses a command.

Emoji small symbols (such as 😊) that represent emotions, concepts, or common objects in communications.

Employee refers to a user that does not have direct reports.

Employee Card is a profile of detailed information about a specific employee.

EEI, or Employee Engagement Index is Culture Boosters proprietary model of measuring employee engagement and loyalty to the organization.

eNPS, or employee Net Promotor Score is a measure of employee engagement and loyalty to the organization.

Executive see Administrator.

FAQ abbreviation for frequently asked questions.

Field the boxes in which users enter information.

Forward Button a button that lets users move forward to the next screen or webpage.

Frequency the number of times an event occurs.

GIF acronym for Graphics Interchange Format.

Global use or access by everyone in the organization.

Help Button a button that opens a Help Request.

Help Request a modal that allows users to request help from others.

Icon an onscreen graphic that initiates an action when clicked, tapped, or pressed.

Inactive an account that is accessible to the user but is not included in survey totals.

Import the process of bringing media files of various types into Culture Booster.

Job is a position of employment.

Junk Mail a folder that stores unwanted email, including unsolicited email from unknown senders. See Spam Folder.

KPI stands for "Key Performance Indicator." It is a measurable value that helps individuals and organizations track and assess progress toward specific goals or objectives.

Left Arrow a button that looks like a left arrow and lets users navigate horizontally through content.

Login the process of Culture Booster giving you access to its system.

Magic Link also known as a passwordless login link, is a way to authenticate or log in to a website or app without using a traditional username and password combination.

Manager a user with direct reports.

Merge to combine two or more Users.

Minimum Group Reporting involves identifying the smallest group of respondents in the survey that can be used to accurately represent the population being studied while maintaining confidentiality.

Modal or modal window, is a web element that appears in front of a page.

Offline the app is not connected to the internet or a network.

Partner Associate They are like an account manager. They can view managed organizations and utilize partner features within Culture Booster, but they cannot connect/disconnect organizations or modify partner user roles.

Partner Coordinator Essentially the partner admin. They are able to take all actions on the partner account. They can add or remove partner roles for other users, invite or disconnect managed organizations, and view all data.

Password a sequence of characters a user enters to gain access to Culture Booster.

Photo a photographic image.

Progress Indicator an onscreen element that lets users know how much progress has taken place.

Question Bank is a library of valid and reliable survey questions.

Radio Button is a circular button used to present a set of mutually exclusive options.

Real Time is the processing of data as it occurs, with little or no delay.

Reliable a question is “reliable” if it consistently elicits the same results each time it is asked in the same situation on repeated occasions. (eg the scale is reliable each time I step on it, it displays the same weight).

Right Arrow a button that looks like a right arrow and lets users navigate horizontally through content.

Right-Click (v) use to refer to clicking the secondary (usually the right) mouse button.

Select the action users perform when they select among multiple objects—such as icons, menu options, radio buttons, or checkboxes.

Sentiment the overall emotional or attitudinal state towards the organization.

Sentiment Slider a type of numerical slider control that appears as a number. There are two ways to adjust a value slider: by dragging over the number to decrease or increase the parameter value, or by clicking the number.

Sidebar the sidebar appears to the left of the browser and contains two panes for selecting different types of content: the primary sidebar (Dashboard, Organization, Surveys, etc.), and the secondary sidebar. When you select an item in a sidebar pane, its contents are displayed in the browser. You can show or hide the secondary sidebars.

Slider the object users drag to set a value on a continuum (a range of values).

Smart Push is the act of sharing the survey results globally with all users.

Spinner a graphical element that is used to indicate that the application is loading or processing.

Stress Slider a type of numerical slider control that appears as a number. There are two ways to adjust a value slider: by dragging over the number to decrease or increase the parameter value, or by clicking the number.

Tab a separate view of content a user can open in Culture Booster.

Table is information that would be easier to scan in column/row form than in running text.

Tag adds descriptive information to a goal, praise and recognition and idea. Tags are used to organize, sort, and classify information.

Toggle the object users drag to switch between one state and another.

Tool Tip instructional text that appears when the user holds the pointer over an interface element.

Unavailable an item that the user can’t select or choose.

Up Arrow arrow that users click to increase a value in a stepper.

Update a minor software release that updates a version of Culture Booster.

Upload add a file to our server.

Uptime the amount of time Culture Booster is functioning properly and available for use.

URL abbreviation for Uniform Resource Locator.

User you or a person using Culture Booster.

Valid a question is “valid” if the question accurately measures what it is supposed to measure. (eg “what date is it?”

Welcome Screen the welcome screen or login page

Windows a software program built by Microsoft.

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